• Abacus Classroom Trainings: As an I-Max Abacus franchisee, you can offer classroom training to children of all ages with our proven and comprehensive Abacus program. Our program is designed to enhance a child's mathematical skills, mental ability, concentration, memory, and overall confidence. With our high-quality teaching materials, experienced instructors, and effective teaching methods, your Abacus classes for kids will be in high demand in your area.

  • Live Online Abacus Classes: With the growing trend of online education, I-Max Abacus offers live online Abacus classes for kids. As a franchisee, you can expand your business by offering online Abacus classes to children who cannot attend in-person classes. With our user-friendly online platform and experienced instructors, you can provide the same quality of Abacus education to students regardless of their location.

  • Schools Tie-up: Partnering with schools is an effective way to expand your Abacus franchise business. By collaborating with schools, you can offer Abacus classes in schools, providing a convenient and reliable option for parents who want to enroll their children in Abacus programs. We provide all the necessary training and support to ensure a successful partnership.
  • Summer Abacus Classes: Summer vacation is an ideal time for children to engage in extracurricular activities. As a franchisee, you can offer summer Abacus classes, workshops, and competitions, providing an opportunity for children to enhance their mental math skills while having fun. With our comprehensive summer program and marketing support, you can attract a large number of students and generate significant revenue during the summer months.


  • Established brand name: I-Max Academy is an established brand name in the field of Abacus training with a proven track record of success.
  • Low investment: tarting an Abacus franchise with I-Max Academy requires a low investment range of INR 15,000/- to 5,00,000/- making it an affordable business opportunity.
  • Detailed operating manuals:I-Max Academy provides detailed operating manuals for franchisees, making it easy to start and operate the business.
  • Multi-dimensional earnings: Franchisees can earn from multiple streams, including course fees, teacher training fees, material sales, and more.
  • Complete training support:I-Max Academy provides complete training support to teachers, including Abacus teacher training, digital marketing support, and lead generation support.
  • Softcopies of promotional materials: Franchisees are provided with softcopies of promotional materials such as banners, brochures, leaflets, course pamphlets, and more, helping them to attract more students.
  • Support for innovative teaching methods: I-Max Academy encourages franchisees to adopt innovative teaching methods, providing a platform to experiment with new teaching techniques.
  • Excellent business opportunity: The Abacus program for kids is in high demand, making it an excellent and profitable business opportunity for housewives, tuition centers, preschools, and college students to start their own Abacus center in their area.


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