I-Max Academy's Coding Classes Franchise (Kids Coding Program Franchise)

Immerse young minds in the dynamic realm of coding with our Coding for Kids Classroom Trainings. Our hands-on curriculum fosters an engaging and interactive learning experience, nurturing creativity and critical thinking. This program, serving as the cornerstone of our commitment, instills essential coding skills and cultivates a love for technology. Join our Kids Coding Classes franchise to be part of a transformative journey shaping the digital leaders of tomorrow.

Embrace the future of education with our Live Online Coding Classes. Designed for accessibility and flexibility, this program delivers coding education directly to children's screens, transcending geographical boundaries. Witness a virtual space come alive with interactive sessions and real-time collaboration, fostering a love for technology and unlocking boundless opportunities. Explore Kids coding classes franchise with I-Max Academy for an innovative approach to digital learning.

Elevate education through our Schools Tie-up program, showcasing a commitment to strategic partnerships with schools. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge coding education into school curricula, your franchise becomes a leader in advancing digital literacy within academic settings. This collaboration equips students with essential 21st-century skills, ensuring preparedness for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

Enrich children's summer breaks with our Summer Coding Classes, transforming vacations into opportunities for both fun and learning. These specialized coding programs captivate and inspire young minds, turning coding into a thrilling and rewarding experience. Beyond the lines of code, students discover the joy of creating, problem-solving, and expressing themselves through technology. I-Max Academy believes in making every summer a season of growth and excitement. Explore Game development for kids and STEM franchise opportunities with our Kids Coding Classes franchise.


  • Pioneering Education for Tomorrow.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum for Success.

  • Diverse Program Offerings.

  • High Demand in Education Industry.

  • Recognized Brand and Reputation.

  • Proven Business Model.

  • End-to-End Support and Training.

  • Geographic Flexibility.


Alway Cash Positive

High ROI%

Recession Proof

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