Unleashing Mental Arithmetic Excellence: I-Max Academy’s Abacus Franchise

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In the realm of educational innovation, I-Max Academy has carved a niche with its transformative Abacus classes for kids. As a beacon of mental arithmetic excellence, I-Max Academy offers not only on-site Abacus classes but also a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs with its Abacus Franchise. In this blog, we explore the key aspects of the I-Max Academy Abacus Franchise, from the benefits of Abacus classes to the process of opening a franchise and the institute’s presence in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Lucknow.

The Power of Abacus Classes for Kids:

Cultivating Mental Arithmetic Skills:
Abacus classes at I-Max Academy go beyond traditional math education. They harness the power of the ancient abacus tool to stimulate mental arithmetic skills, enhancing children’s numerical abilities and calculation speed.

Improving Concentration and Memory:
Through systematic training, Abacus classes contribute to improved concentration and memory retention in children. The exercises involved in Abacus calculations require focus and enhance cognitive functions.

Boosting Confidence in Math:
As children master mental arithmetic, their confidence in tackling mathematical challenges grows. The interactive and engaging nature of Abacus classes fosters a positive attitude toward math.

Opening an I-Max Academy Abacus Franchise:

Franchise Eligibility:
Entrepreneurs passionate about education and with a commitment to children’s development are welcomed to explore the Abacus Franchise opportunity. I-Max Academy provides a comprehensive support system for franchisees.

Franchise Inquiry:
Prospective franchisees can initiate the process by expressing their interest through the franchise inquiry form on the I-Max Academy website. This serves as the initial step in understanding the franchise structure and requirements.

Franchise Orientation:
Once the inquiry is received, I-Max Academy conducts a franchise orientation session. This session provides a detailed overview of the franchise model, the curriculum, and the support extended to franchisees.

Agreement and Documentation:
Upon mutual agreement, franchisees proceed with the necessary documentation. The franchise agreement outlines the terms and conditions, ensuring clarity and transparency in the partnership.

Abacus Teacher Training Institute:
I-Max Academy places a strong emphasis on quality education. As part of the franchise package, the institute provides comprehensive training for Abacus teachers. This training equips educators with the skills to deliver effective Abacus classes.

Launch and Marketing Support:
With the training completed, the franchise is ready for launch. I-Max Academy extends marketing support to ensure a successful start, including promotional materials, branding assistance, and guidance on local marketing strategies.

I-Max Academy Abacus Franchise Across Cities:

Abacus Franchise in Mumbai:
I-Max Academy has made its mark in the vibrant city of Mumbai, offering Abacus classes that cater to the educational needs of young learners.

Abacus Franchise in Pune:
Pune, known for its educational culture, embraces the I-Max Academy Abacus Franchise. The institute contributes to the intellectual development of children in this bustling city.

Abacus Franchise in Delhi:
The capital city, Delhi, is home to an I-Max Academy Abacus Franchise. Children here benefit from the mental arithmetic expertise imparted by the institute.

Abacus Franchise in Lucknow:
Lucknow, with its rich cultural heritage, hosts an I-Max Academy Abacus Franchise, providing children with a foundation in mental arithmetic and numeracy skills.

Abacus Academy in Noida:
Noida, a hub for educational institutions, witnesses the impact of I-Max Academy’s Abacus classes, contributing to the cognitive development of young minds.


I-Max Academy’s Abacus Franchise is not just a business venture; it’s a commitment to shaping the mathematical landscape for the younger generation. Through its innovative approach to mental arithmetic education, I-Max Academy empowers both franchisees and students alike. The journey from exploring the benefits of Abacus classes to opening an Abacus Franchise with I-Max Academy is a testament to the institute’s dedication to transforming education and fostering a love for numbers in the hearts of children across cities.

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