Unlocking Mathematical Brilliance: I-Max Academy’s Premier Abacus Classes for Kids in Vasundhara Sector 12, Ghaziabad

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In the heart of Vasundhara Sector 12, Ghaziabad, I-Max Academy is redefining the landscape of early mathematics education with our Best Abacus Classes for Kids. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our meticulously crafted program, designed to make learning mathematics an enjoyable and enriching experience.

Benefits of Learning Abacus for Kids

Enhanced Concentration and Focus:
Abacus fosters intense concentration, helping kids develop the ability to focus on tasks for extended periods, a skill that extends beyond the classroom.

Improved Memory Retention:
The tactile aspects of manipulating the Abacus beads stimulate memory centers in the brain, enhancing a child’s ability to retain information effectively.

Stronger Analytical Skills:
Abacus encourages analytical thinking through mental calculations and visualization, laying the foundation for advanced problem-solving skills.

Math Proficiency and Speed:
Abacus provides a solid foundation for mathematical concepts, aiding in faster mental calculations and a deeper understanding of numerical relationships.

Methods of Learning Abacus for Kids
At I-Max Academy, our teaching methodology is centered around making learning Abacus enjoyable and effective:

Interactive Learning:
Engaging activities and games ensure that kids actively participate in the learning process.

Visual Learning Aids:
Colorful and visually appealing Abacus tools enhance comprehension and make learning a delightful experience.

Hands-On Practice:
Practical, hands-on exercises strengthen the connection between abstract mathematical concepts and real-world application.

Online Abacus Classes for Kids
Recognizing the importance of flexibility, I-Max Academy offers Online Abacus Classes for Kids. Our virtual classrooms, interactive sessions, and engaging activities ensure a seamless online learning experience that mirrors the quality of in-person classes.

Starting Age for Abacus Classes
Our Abacus classes are tailored for children aged 5 to 14 years. This age range is optimal for introducing Abacus techniques, ensuring a strong mathematical foundation is laid during their formative years.

Course Duration and Certification
Embark on a 2-year journey with I-Max Academy, progressing through 8 levels, with each level comprising a 3-month course. After successfully completing each level, students undergo a certification and assessment process, marking their progress and achievements.

Empower your child with the skills and confidence to excel in mathematics. Enroll them in the Best Abacus Classes for Kids in Vasundhara Sector 12, Ghaziabad, at I-Max Academy.

For more information or to enroll, visit our website www.imaxacademy.com or contact us at 9810088878. Let’s shape mathematical brilliance together!

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